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Anthem for England


Write to your MPs, find out who supports England.

Write to your MPs, find out who supports England.

Dear MPs You have a choice, you can play your part in saving the UK or you can continue to pretend that the ‘status quo’ will prevail. Please allow English sporting fans the chance to sing their National anthem before England plays. By giving England a voice you will also be giving Scottish, Welsh and […]

Sadie Nine BBC Essex on English National Anthem interviews England in my Heart team 05.02.2016

England in my Heart travels to Murrayfield

Planning 5th/6th February 2016 Why are the RFU humiliating England?   Letting English fans sing their own National anthem on the 6th February 2016 at Murrayfield is not a controversial idea. The English are only asking to be treated the same as Scottish, Welsh and Irish fans who are allowed to sing their National anthems […]