An Anthem for England


4 comments on “An Anthem for England

  1. I thoroughly agree that Jerusalem should be England’s National Anthem


  2. Jerusalem is NOT the English national anthem – it is a church hymn. Just because it mentions England by name doesn’t make it a candidate – toffs sing it at the last night of the proms (same as Land of Hope and Glory). You may as well propose All Things Bright and Beautiful.
    If people are getting upset about it, then just don’t sing anything at all.


  3. There.ll always be an England is a much better choice.
    See Vera Lynn singing it on youtube
    With a bit of editing, it will be great


  4. Jerusalem is not in England and although it may be a song that people feel should be sung in churches, it is not about England it may have that name in it but that is about all.
    On the other hand there is that stirng song from a pre-war show which is the Gantry song I am sure you must know it ” Rose of England” this as a rousing chorus and patriotic to the end. Although it has been sung by Vera Lynn that version is not very good there has also been others who have sung it but I feel Edgar Elmes with his rather shaky voise tops them all. If a new singer could redo that version with the word “Gantry” replaced by the word ” Countries crest”maybe all that is needed. I feel you would have to be dead or un- English not to like this as I feel it has everything to fit the bill.


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