MP calls for fresh debate over ‘English anthem’ From the section UK Politics Image caption The English team is in South Africa and some say they need an English anthem Parliament should debate the case for an “English national anthem” that fans can sing at sporting events like the World Cup, a Lib Dem MP has said. Greg Mulholland said it was […]

“England’s green and pleasant land”  March 28, 2015 “England’s green and pleasant land” If you’re not British, you may only be vaguely aware of the song “Jerusalem.” But the tune and lyrics are very familiar to the people of England. It is England’s unofficial national anthem, like “God Bless America” is in the United States. Some Brits have urged […]

Geographic Imagination in the English Anthem ‘Jerusalem’ I first learned to appreciate this anthem as a child watching the movie Chariots of Fire with my father.  My father was an avid runner in the early 80’s and still continues to run to this day; he also is a devout Christian who seeks to earnestly honor the Sabbath Day.  Clearly the movie […]

England in my heart – God save the queen is not popular Half of young people don’t know the national anthem by Will Dahlgreen @willdahlgreen on June 5, 2014, 4:57 p.m. 43% of 18-24 year old Britons don’t know the first verse of the British national anthem and a further 13% are unsure if they do – while 28% have never sung it in their lives England football manager […]

Why was Jerusalem chosen as the WI’s anthem? The decision to choose Jerusalem came as a result of a letter to Home and Country, the December prior to the 8th AGM, from Vice Chairman Grace Hadow suggesting its use. Members wrote in favour of this suggestion. The letter headed An Institute son, by Grace Hadow:I have recently been at Exhibitions or Council […]

St George’s Day: Check Out England’s Unofficial National Anthem – Jerusalem – Two Great Videos and the Lyrics  St George’s Day: Check Out England’s Unofficial National Anthem – Jerusalem – Two Great Videos and the Lyrics April 23, 2014 By Jonathan The poem Jerusalem, written by William Blake, is often considered the unofficial national anthem for England. It was set to words by the composer Sir Hubert Parry in 1916 (pictured above) and […]

The Saturday Soap Box: We have to make Jerusalem England’s national anthem Published: 17/09/2005   by: Daily Mirror newspaper (UK), article by Billy, 17 September, 2005 Welcome to our new weekly column where guests sound off on a current issue. Today, it’s songwriter Billy Bragg… Watching the crowd in Trafalgar Square celebrating the Ashes win, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how quickly the flag of […]