Welcome to England in My Heart…

We are a small but growing group of England supporters who passionately believe that the English nation needs her own national anthem. We are aggrieved that ‘God Save the Queen’ is being used as the English national anthem when it is actually the anthem for the whole UK.

The English identity is distinct from the British identity, just as Scottish and Welsh identities are distinct from the British identity. We have noticed that, since the onset of devolution, the Scots and Welsh have enjoyed a renewed sense of self and we want the same for England and the people of England.

Please be assured that we have nothing against ‘God Save the Queen’, other than to highlight that it simply isn’t the English national anthem. For example we all know that the St George flag is not the Union flag and we believe we should treat national anthems in the same way.

We hope you agree that ‘God Save the Queen’ should be used solely for United Kingdom events, while Jerusalem should be used for events in which England take part. The British anthem should not be sung by the English as an English anthem.

We would like you to join and support our campaign for England to have its own specifically English national anthem played at sporting events.

This is not a political campaign or a republican movement. ‘England in my Heart’ is not affiliated to any political party. Supporters of our campaign will undoubtedly hold different political views but that is not our concern – these views have no bearing on our campaign. All we want is for supporters of England, along with their families, be allowed to sing an English anthem with pride before a game. They should not be forced to sing a British anthem.

We also feel that to confuse England with Britain at sporting events is disrespectful to Scotland and Wales, as is sometimes shown when the Scots or the Welsh boo the British anthem, an anthem we all share. Although different nations, we are neighbours with a close common bond and history. England is a distinct nation, as is Scotland and Wales. It must be difficult for Scots and Welsh fans, that still consider themselves British, to listen to God Save the Queen played specifically as an English anthem.

Sport fans who accuse us of trying to diminish the Queen or accuse us of trying to break up Britain, we ask to consider the following:-

Why is it acceptable, given Scotland use ‘Flower of Scotland’ and Wales use ‘Land of my fathers’ for sporting events, that only England is represented by ‘God save the Queen’? Does this not diminish the ‘Britishness’ of Scotland and Wales?

We also note that the fourth part of the UK, Northern Ireland, also sings God Save the Queen as their national anthem. We would acknowledge that their political situation is more complicated than England’s and if the people of Northern Ireland desire to campaign for their own national anthem, that is for them to decide. Our only concern is that an English national anthem is sung before England plays.

If you are in any doubt about supporting our campaign, please remember that practically every other nation around the world has it national anthem, so why not the English?

Together we should celebrate our national sporting teams with our own National anthem. Let ‘Jerusalem’ be that song.


4 comments on “About

  1. I agree with your aims, but who are you? Why are you cloaked in anonymity? I am uncomfortable about supporting a group which is not sufficiently confident to operate only.


    • Hi Alan,

      We are a new group and currently developing our site, some of which got but on one side whilst we leafleted the Six Nations rugby matches. More information will be available shortly.




  2. Totally agree with this, it has upset me for many years watching England play sport and we have to listen to God Save the Queen, as yourselves, I have nothing against this but it is not the English national anthem, which I think is actually Land of Hope and Glory.
    Good luck with the campaign.


  3. Welsh sporting fans will never ever be singing ‘god save the queen’ !
    We have our own anthem thanks which we are very proud to sing ! I would never sing that song which celebrates rule over us and attacks the Scottish people…


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