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England in my Heart travels to Murrayfield

England in my Heart Planning 5th/6th February 2016

Why are the RFU humiliating England?


Letting English fans sing their own National anthem on the 6th February 2016 at Murrayfield is not a controversial idea. The English are only asking to be treated the same as Scottish, Welsh and Irish fans who are allowed to sing their National anthems as a nation.

The campaign group ‘England in my Heart’ are driving their campaign vehicle from Colchester in Essex to Murrayfield, Edinburgh on Friday the 5th February to show the RFU that English fans want ‘Jerusalem’ played as their National anthem. It has become blatantly obvious that only the English rugby players sing the British Royal anthem, ‘God Save the Queen’, at international games, whilst the other Home Nations sing their Own National anthems. The Rugby World Cup highlighted this for all to see.

Simply put, God Save the Queen is not the English anthem. ‘Jerusalem’ is widely recognised as the English National anthem.

Eddie Bone, Campaign Director for England in my Heart stated ‘It is of concern that the Rugby Football Union appears to want to persist in discriminating against England and English fans by treating the nations of the UK differently and not equally. If they want the Royal anthem, ‘God save the Queen’ to be sung then they could play it after the Home Nations have both sung there individual anthems. ‘God save the Queen’ could then be the uniting anthem.

The Campaign team are available for interviews on the 5th / 6th February 2016. Please call 07980667732.

*The 2011 Census showed that over 60% of the people of England identify themselves as English only, so RFU are not representing the English nation in the best possible way.


One comment on “England in my Heart travels to Murrayfield

  1. Couldn’t agree more, I’ll be at Murrayfield supporting our ENGLISH Team.


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