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National Anthem for England

England in my Heart


Dear Member and Supporter,

We need your help!!

At long last there will be a debate in the House of Commons (on the 13th January 2016) on whether England should have her own national anthem played at sporting events.

Please can you contact your local MP (Telephone call, e-mail or letter) and express your support for English sporting teams being allowed to play the English National Anthem. Contacting your MP will help!!!

Please take the time to open the video link and then share it with family, friends and colleagues.

Then please ask them also to contact their MP as well, it will help.

We need to show that there is overwhelming support from the public on this.

The team from England in my Heart have been using the following quote:

“ ‘God save the Queen’ is the Royal Anthem, the UK Anthem, it is not the English National Anthem. The English sporting teams need to find its national pride just as Wales, Scotland and Ireland have accomplished, embracing ‘Jerusalem would be a great start. If people want to play ‘God save the Queen maybe it could be played after the National Anthems of each country as a unifying symbol”.


England In My Heart

A couple of other articles on the subject

Call for England to have its own national anthem – BBC News

Legislation could allow the public to choose a national anthem for English sports teams | Politics | News | Daily Express

Campaign aims

  • We want an English National Anthem, so that the people of England can proudly sing together a song that gives them a collective identity and meaning.
  • We endeavour to influence politicians in order to bring about a national anthem for England.
  • We endeavour to influence England’s sporting associations so that they have the courage to play Jerusalem.
  • We endeavour to encourage debate so that the people of England want to sing their own national anthem
  • We promote Jerusalem as the English National Anthem because unofficially it already is, and has been used at the Commonwealth games to represent England.
  • We want to highlight that Jerusalem should be sung at the Rugby World cup as the official English national anthem.

*’England in my Heart’ is a single-issue campaign and is not affiliated to any political party.


One comment on “National Anthem for England

  1. Whether or it is about votes for the English (as enjoyed by the rest of the supposed Union) or getting our own national anthem, it will be vehemently opposed by some of those who already enjoy both.
    So let the English decide….. watch the worms come out of the woodwork now!


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